About Us

dloHaiti targets the consumer opportunity at the Bottom of the Pyramid (BoP). dloHaiti’s core operation and brand is based on local production and distribution of clean drinking water in underserved rural and peri-urban communities where public infrastructure isn’t enough to meet growing demand.  DloHaiti’s model creates cost-effective micro-distribution networks that resolve key logistical and inventory financing challenges for small, predominantly women-operated retailers in BoP markets.

DloHaiti has water at the center of the brand strategy and sustainably provides an affordable but highly prized commodity – clean drinking water.  Doing so brings trust, consumer buy-in, and security while creating a logistics operation that reaches retailers daily.  By making the supply and distribution chain more efficient, dloHaiti increases product availability and improves margins for retailers.  It also offers national and global brands the ability to reach underserved markets and improve the quality of life of those living on less than $5/day.

DloHaiti is led by a team of Haitian and American entrepreneurs and investors with deep experience of the water business and successful water kiosk operations in Haiti.  For more information, please contact us.

Current investors include International Finance Corporation (World Bank Group), the FMO (Dutch development bank), Leopard CapitalMiyamoto InternationalJim Chu (CEO and Founder of dloHaiti), and other private investors.

If you are interested as an investor or as a business partner, please contact us at info@dlohaiti.com.