Political Turmoil and Impact on Business in Haiti

Devex highlights the challenges and opportunities of working admist the political turmoil in Haiti in this article.   "The idea for us is that we will take our model globally. Haiti is representative of many developing countries, with its lack of public infrastructure, its dynamic informal economy, and its heavy reliance on water trucking. And Haiti is the proving ground for a business model that can be successful in a number of developing country environments."  Jim Chu


DloHaiti Taps VC Funding as it Brings Haiti Clean Water and Jobs

dloHaiti was excited to be a part of Wall Street Journal's Venture Capital blog.
Read here about how our company is working to bring an innovative business model to Haiti to help address the need for clean drinking water.

IFC Helps DloHaiti Provide Access to Safe Water for Underserved Haitian Communities

Read about how the IFC, a member of the World Bank Group and one of dloHaiti's investors, is helping the company build a network of kiosks to provide underserved Haitian communities with access to affordable, safe drinking water while also creating job opportunities. 

See the press release here.

CEO Jim Chu guest blogs for on Entrepreneurship and Aid

Jim Chu, CEO of dloHaiti, had the opportunity to do a guest blog for the Foundation Center's, a group established to inspire donors to support WASH initiatives worldwide.  His post was the most trafficked post in 2013 at 

In the piece, Jim discusses the importance of sustainable water and sanitation infrastructure, as well as the benefits of using a market-driven approach in addressing the world's water challenges.

Read more about how dloHaiti is Putting the Entrepreneur into WASH.


Imagine H20 Names Winners of Consumer Innovations Prize

dloHaiti was selected as a Runner Up in the 2013 Imagine H20 Water Entrepreneurs Competition. Imagine H20 is a nonprofit organization and leading water innovation accelerator. The Consumer Innovation Competition does not usually include companies focusing on developing world innovations, but this year dloHaiti was honored to be a part of those in the running.

dloHaiti is excited to see that there is a shift toward entrepreneurs and investors paying more attention to providing products and services to those at the bottom of the pyramid.

Check out the press release here.

Co.Exist covers dloHaiti

Fast Company's Co.Exist blog named dloHaiti as one of three companies that "could change the way we use water."

Co.Exist noted that dloHaiti and companies like it have discovered the potential of creating business models that combine water innovation with cost effective consumer products. The original piece is here.