Clean Water and Last Mile Distribution


dloHaiti  is a social business providing safe drinking water to consumers in underserved communities in Haiti. For many Haitians, treated drinking water is not available close to their homes or is only delivered occasionally by trucks.


dloHaiti makes safe water available closer to consumers and at a price they afford. It does this by treating ground water locally and distributing 20-liter jugs of water through small stores and merchants that serve a Haitian families basic needs.  

dloHaiti ‘s focus is to make the value chain for local retailers and merchants more efficient — easier to get products and with less capital. We start with clean water, but then use that network of retailers and small entrepreneurs to make other essential products cheaper and more available to everyday Haitians.


The socio-economic impact is significant:
1. Job creation outside of main cities
2. Higher income for retailers, merchants and other micro-businesses
3. Improved public health from having clean water more readily available in underserved communities
. . . all the while attracting more investment for small and medium sized business.  It's the first step to develop long-term capacity and growth in the local economy outside of the urban areas. 

Find out more at About Us at our Facebook page for regular updates on our activities in the field.

It’s sister company, UNTAPPED, helps other organizations apply this model in other markets throughout the world.